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How it works 
Our affiliate program is free and easy to join. After signing up, simply log in and your customized affiliate code will be generated for you. You can advertise your affiliate link just about anywhere!

On your website, in a newsletter or ezine, or even sending your link to friends and associates. Once someone clicks on your link they will be transported to our web site where your affiliate referral information is logged.

When your customer makes a purchase, you will be credited with the sale!

Commission Levels 
Our affiliate program is one of the most generous revenue generating plans online today.

While most sites pay a wimpy 5 or 10% commission, SubmittingToSearchEngines.net rewards it's affiliates well. Not only will you be paid a 40% commission once, but thanks to our automated monthly submission service, over 90% of our customers renew their subscription--each and every month!

What does this mean to you? You will be paid monthly residual commissions on all of your sales month after month after month...for the life of your customer! That's a whopping 40% commission -- every single month!

To top it off, you will be paid a 10% override for any other affiliates you refer. Click Here to Sign Up Now.. It's free to join in!

How much will you earn? 
While most affiliate plans pay a one time commission, SubmittingToSearchEngines.net pays you for the life of your referral. You'll be paid each and every month for the life of your customer referral, plus a 10% over ride on all sales  from all affiliates you refer!

Let's take a look at the numbers...

These charts are "real world" numbers, they are not overly hyped like many of those charts that claim you can earn $87,000 a month! These numbers should be very achievable for the average marketer.

While SubmittingToSearchEngines.net offers 4 different service plans, we'll base this chart on our most popular ($39.99/mo) plan without any other affiliates under you:

Your Sales per Day Your Daily Commission Monthly Commission Yearly Commission
$15.96 $494.76 $5825.4
$31.92 $989.52 $11650.8
$47.88 $1484.28 $17476.2
$63.84 $1979.04 $23301.6

Now, let's look at what happens in the second month, assuming that you have only 1 to 4 customers a day (at our intermediate level subscription plan) and they continue their monthly subscription:

You get paid again... from all last month subscribers, plus all your new subscribers!

Your Sales Last Month Your Sales Today Monthly Commission Yearly Commission
$989.52 $11650.8
$1979.04 $23301.6
$2968.56 $34952.4
$3958.08 $46603.2

These numbers build upon each other every month, compounding your commissions month after month.

Then, top it off with a bonus 10% over ride on all sales from all affiliates under you!

Let's look at what this override can do for you:

Suppose you have just 10 affiliates who signed up under your referral. If you've been online for a year or so, you already know that most people will do absolutely nothing in generating commissions. So, let's cut that number down to 2.

If each of those affiliates generates just 1 sale a day @ $39.99, that's $1236.9 monthly. That will pay 40% to the tier 1 affiliate totaling $494.76.

You, being the affiliate who referred that affiliate would pick up 10% of their sales ($123.69) for doing absolutely nothing (other than showing them our affiliate plan). Remember, that's just for referring 2 affiliates. Imagine referring 20 affiliates! You will NOT receive affiliate commission on products or services bought by yourself or your company.

This is not a get rich quick program, this program was developed to bring you an outstanding product and allow you to build an automatic (monthly) residual commission.

If you're tired of all those one time commissions... Now you can start building a solid monthly income, that grows bigger and bigger each and every month. Remember, your referrals become YOUR customers--for life!


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